Where my fellow vegetarians at?! We know it's nearly impossible to get great vegetarian options at fast food spots. And if you're vegan, just don't even try. Usually you're left to decide from fries or some sort of cheesy carby item with no protein. But Taco Bell is going to test out a solution.

Taco Bell announced they'll be testing out a vegetarian menu board in some restaurants in the coming months. They will unveil limited-time vegetarian and vegan items and highlight the restaurant's current vegetarian options: tacos, tostadas burritos and crunchwraps.

I will say that my best friend Shea is a master when it comes to finessing a pretty decent veggie order on the Taco Bell menu already, but I'm excited to see what they add! They haven't announced which locations will be getting the test menu yet, so I'm hoping Boise makes the cut. If not, I'll continue skipping fast food all together.. which is probably the best idea anyway. #newyearnewme

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