Discovery Center of Idaho

Sharks After Dark
When “A T. Rex Named Sue” opened at The Discovery Center, I knew that this would be the one time I had to make it to one of their adult nights. Now I’ve just got to go back for the next one!
Brew With Sue 3!
A few months ago, my fiancé was able to lock down tickets to the sold out Adult Night at the Discovery Center! What sucked was watching people be turned away at the door...but there's good news if you want to have a beer with a dinosaur!
Meet a Dinosaur This Weekend
Let's just come clean with the entire "roaming" comment. It's the Treasure Valley that is roaming the Discovery Center to see this T. rex named Sue. I took my wife and son for this amazing experience. Here's what you need to know.
DCI Snow Day!
We may have enough snow for snowman building and igloo construction, but record low temps will force kids to stay indoors on Friday.  Still want to get them out of the house? Take them here!
Act Like A Kid on Friday Night
Adult Night: An Evening Without the Kids. Does this perk you up? Of course we love our little ones but being an adult for a night without always looking over our shoulders to make sure our child is near and praying you remembered to throw fruit snacks in your already full purse sounds appealing.