Fight Night at The Tailgate

The Solar Eclipse may be the buzz in the country as of right now, but that all changes 2 minutes after it begins. Get ready for the fight that EVERYONE will be talking about seconds after we realize nobody went blind and all the sunglasses worked correctly! Ladies and gentlemen, Mayweather vs McGregor will now commence in taking over the world.

This is a fact. That said, the Powerball is up to $650,000,000 and all those zeroes sound like


We also have a White House that is in turmoil so there's that. If everything shakes all right, I'll win the Powerball and McGregor will upset Mayweather on Saturday night. I have a video of Cruise & Box debating (as they do with Chris always thinking he's right) on who is going to win on Saturday night.

You can also come hang with us and watch the fight at the official headquarters for fight night, TAILGATE. You'll need to call ahead to reserve a table. Call Tamron @ 208-941-6182.

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