I don't know why, but the word Tinder just sounds dirty. When I moved here to Boise a couple months ago and didn't know anyone, I skipped over Tinder and downloaded Bumble. Bumble just has a better connotation. So when I randomly got booted from Bumble over the holiday break, I really only had one choice left: Tinder or bust.

Monday night, I did it. I downloaded Tinder. It's pretty much the same as Bumble, except guys can message you first, and most of them include shirtless selfies in their profiles. I also had to add a "not looking to hook-up" disclaimer to my profile, just in case. I saw a ton of the same guys that I saw on Bumble, including most of the guys I've gone on dates with (had to hit em with a left swipe this time around). But there have been some new connections that I'm possibly into, we'll see. I've dodged quite a few "let's grab a drink tonight" messages over the week because it's just too hard for me to go out on a weeknight and then wake up for the show at 4 a.m. BUT now that it's the weekend, I may explore some of these options!

Will I find love on Tinder? Probably not, but I'm sure at least one good story will come out of it.


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