Another day, another accolade for Taylor Swift — but this one doesn't praise her musical prowess, her enviable looks or even her charitable spirit. (Seriously, homegirl is a saint.)

This honor, unlike many of the others the songwriting juggernaut has received, praises her business savvy, pitting her alongside Apple's CEO, European Central Bank's president  and various national leaders around the world.

Fortune magazine named the singer to its second annual World's Greatest Leaders list. Taylor comes in at number six. This might seem like a head-scratcher to some, especially when you consider that Taylor made the list while Barack Obama did not. But whether or not you're a fan of the singer (and really, how could you not be? Have you heard "Shake it Off?") you have to admit: She'd done nearly everything right in her career thus far and she's showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The blurb that accompanies Taylor's listing calls her "pop's savviest star" and praises her highly intentional money-making strategy. (Case in point: The time she went toe to toe with Spotify, possibly altering the way musicians are compensated for a very, very long time.)

"Taylor Swift didn’t become the highest-paid woman in the music business by accident,"  the magazine states. There is definite truth to this; underneath that sweet-as-pie kitten-loving, red lipstick-wearing persona, there's a seriously hard-working and intelligent woman who created a (ridiculously lucrative) brand around her own artistic sensibilities. She is, in many ways, a symbol for the future of the music industry.

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