If there is any possible way to spread good in the Treasure Valley, we want to be part of letting everyone know it's happening. Boise is known as being a city full of nice people. The thing is: It's true. Twin brothers, only 10 years old, have chosen to pay it forward in the sweetest, most creative way.

We've teamed up with the Idaho Lottery to recognize the people who are choosing to do random acts of kindness without asking for recognition. The irony, right? We call it the Kiss of Kindness. We ask that you send stories of people you know, strangers you've seen do kind things or a small gesture by a co-worker. It could be anything. Submit your story HERE to be chosen to win up to $50,000 from the Idaho Lottery's new 'Life is Good' scratch game.

This week, we want to thank Amy for writing in about her twin boys.

My mom took my 10 year old twins to deliver random acts of kindness today. They gave bottled water to someone holding a sign on a corner. They wrote notes and attached them to dollar bills and put them on the ground for people to find in front of the dollar store, encouraging the person to accept and spend the dollar. One little boy excitedly picked out a happy birthday balloon, as it was his birthday in 2 days. Another person said they were going to pay that dollar forward. They also took gifts to a little boy they didn't know. My mom was approached by a big, burley guy who asked her if the boy with the hat belonged to her and proceeded to tell her that he (my son) had held the door for this man and that kids just don't do that anymore. He wanted to let her know that we were doing a great job with him. Best of all, my 10 year old ended the day by telling me he wants to do work to earn money and then give it to others who need it!! I'd say they had a pretty incredible day giving to others and finding joy in giving.

It feels good to do good! Amy, we'll get you your 'Life is Good' scratch ticket! Think of how many dollar bills could be given out with a bottle of water!

Not Amy? What's your story? Share it with us!

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