Terrifying news broke on the morning of Thursday, October 12th in Middleton, Idaho. The small and quiet town in Canyon County, just minutes from Boise, was shaken by an explosion and loud noise that some residents compared as comparable to a fighter jet. With a population just shy of 11,000 people--it didn't take long for the community to wonder what was going on, only to learn from authorities that a gas explosion had taken place.

Police quickly began asking folks in Middleton to evacuate--encouraging everyone within a 4-mile radius of the explosion to get away to somewhere safe.

After a few hours of evacuation, officials were able to shut off the gas line and moved to asking residents to shelter in place.

Despite Middleton being a small town, it didn't take long for those on social media to begin reacting to the terrifying incident and some local residents even began sharing footage from their homes, the city, and the incident.

One of the first videos to emerge was this clip, below, showing smoke billowing out from behind the trees in the distance: 

Next, a really terrifying clip from above surfaced--it appears to show gas and debris billowing out of the ground next to a large construction vehicle. Some are assuming that this digger may have clamped down right onto a gas line and caused the explosion. 


As of 1:24 p.m. on the afternoon, fire officials confirmed that it was indeed that excavator that burst the gas line. They also commented that there was only one injury--the operator of the excavator.  The explosion could be felt by about a mile radius.

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