Imagine this. You're on a plane high up in the sky headed home. You've finally settled into the flight and are comfortable, well, as comfortable as you can get in coach. The movie you downloaded before takeoff is halfway completed and the flight attendant is coming around to begin her food and beverage service. The humming of the engine noise is methodic, and you slowly start to doze off.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear the sound of heavy footsteps rushing by you. A woman screams as you jump up trying to figure out what exactly is going on. You see it, but it takes you a second to realize what exactly is happening. A person is rushing towards the door, trying to open it midflight. The same door that's keeping you and every other soul onboard safely secured in a pressurized cabin thirty thousand feet in the air. If the door opens, who knows what will happen.

You, a group of passengers and members of the flight crew rush towards the deranged woman. Without hesitating, she's wrestled to the ground and restrained.

This scenario played out for passengers onboard Skywest Flight 5459 from San Francisco to Boise. KTVB reports:

Passengers intervened to take down a woman who attempted to open an airplane cabin door during a flight to Boise Monday morning. A spokesman for SkyWest Airlines said the "unruly customer" was restrained, and the flight was able to land safely at the Boise Airport. Boise Police met the plane at the gate and took the woman into custody.

Needless to say, this would be one of my biggest fears while flying. I'm happy to hear that all the passengers made it home safely.

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