A bill making its way through the Idaho State Legislature hoped to shield which companies provided drugs for lethal injections from public record. The bill stalled in a Senate committee, but raised some questions we hadn’t thought about before.

Advocates of the bill say that it’s needed because companies who supply the drugs are uncomfortable with the public shame anti-death penalty supporters would try to bring against them if they were publicly identified. Apparently, it’s been a real problem for Idaho.

According to the Associated Press, Idaho Department of Corrections Director, Josh Tewalt testified saying “As I stand before you today, we have been unable to secure the chemicals necessary to carry out lethal injections in the State of Idaho.”

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We’re not true crime junkies and we don’t follow hard news as closely as others, so this statement is what made us raise an eyebrow. It made us wonder how many people were sitting on death row in Idaho and how serious of an issue this was.

It turns out there are seven people on death row in Idaho. Six of them are men being held in the Idaho Maximum Security Prison in Kuna. The one female inmate on death row is incarcerated at Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center in Pocatello.

Who are they and what were their crimes? It’s all public record.

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