The weather is a little grey and rainy today, but we've been on an upward trend moving into Spring here in the Treasure Valley.  That said, it's time to enjoy that sunshine we've been missing through a long and record breaking winter. What better way to do this than by dining, drinking, and hanging out with your friends OUTDOORS at some of my favorite places.

Patio Season is definitely a thing here in Boise, but how about upgrading that to Rooftop Season!? These are a few of my FAVORITE rooftop destinations for those sunny, Treasure Valley days.

Comment if I'm missing any of YOUR favorites!

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    276 Bobwhite Court Boise, Idaho 83706

    THIS place is awesome and is obviously a Boise staple.  Growing up here in the Treasure Valley, Barbacoa was the fun place to go for dinner when it came to Prom season. I didn't know there was a rooftop option back then!

    Once I learned about the roof, my life hasn't been the same!  I live right up the street from Barbacoa so I love how close it is to my house.  Even if you can't walk to Barbacoa like I can, the roof is worth your time.  With a gorgeous view of the pond and park next door, you can enjoy the sun and a view of the foothills.  Barbacoa's Buy One Get One Free Happy Hour is awesome, as well.  Two drinks for the price of one AND on a warm Boise day, their signature cocktail glasses that are made of ice (literally) are the best.

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    Tavern at Bown Crossing

    3111 S. Bown Way Boise, Idaho 83706

    I discovered this place with Joe E King, our promotions guru here at 103.5 KISSFM. What an awesome place with an ever better rooftop!!  Bown's Crossing is just up Parkcenter Blvd on your way to Barber Park.  They offer a ton of great appetizers and cocktails and their menu is extensive-- including some great sushi.  Looking for some rooftop drinks away from the "noise" of Downtown? This is your place.  It will look like you're in a whole different city and has an unmatched view of the foothills from the roof!

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    The Reef

    105 South 6th Street · Boise Idaho

    If there is ONE aspect of Boise that I always brag about to my friends back in Spokane,'s how vibrant our downtown is.  I LOVE strolling through downtown Boise whether it's a random afternoon or more of a stumble on weekend nights...

    The Reef is right on 6th and Main in downtown and has an awesome rooftop bar as well as great food.  Going? Make sure you check out the fishbowls.  That's all I'll tell you--just order one!

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