Despite the fact that we now have a vaccine for COVID-19 and the roll out plan is in effect the pandemic continues to be the cause of events being cancelled. Boise Music Festival, The Emmet Cherry Festival and now The Boise Basque Festival has been postponed again. A month after COVID-19 kicked into high gear, in April 2020 was the first time it was postponed and here we go again. The new date is July 26-31, 2022.You might be asking why 2022 and not later in 2021. According to KTVB "Organizers were hoping to hold the festival during the 2021 summer, but because the event attracts an estimated 30,000 people from Idaho, other states and other countries, it was decided it could not take place this year."

Jaialdi is such a huge event for our Basque neighbors and it only happens every five years, Amy Wray who is a board member commented on the situation  "It is so hard to make the decision to postpone again, because Jaialdi is such a vital and joyful time to reconnect with friends and family from across the globe, — and we want to make sure we can hug our friends and family from around the world, crowd the Basque Block and our favorite events, and dance the jota together."

By the way if you're new to Boise and the Basque culture Jaialdi is pronuonced ( hi-all-dee) and here is the official definition according to

Jaialdi means “Festival” in the Basque Language (Euskara). This festival exhibits the Basque culture with dancing (dantzan) and musical (musika) performances, sporting (kirol) events, and authentic food (jateko) and drink (edateko)


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