The leaves in Boise were all so pretty until about a week ago.

They changed every color imaginable and then. They all died and landed in my yard. My front yard. My backyard. My driveway. I cannot even see any grass or gravel by my house. It's completely covered!

Work has been hectic, I've had meetings and client appointments and hosted events basically every night after work since the leaves began to fall. Which put me in a place where they just stacked up and covered every inch around my house.

The pressure to clean them up wasn't really applied until my next door neighbors raked up their yard. Then I'm suddenly the trash neighbor in the hood who doesn't take care of their yard!!

This cannot be me. I'm ridiculously clean but I've never taken care of a yard before, so this is all new to me. I had to buy a rake, which wasn't even an easy task. A lot of places are completely sold out. I finally found one at Lowe's and got to work. The problem is.. I had more leaves than could fit in my compost bin. More by a crazy amount. Like one portion of one sweep filled up my bin.

So now I'm left with piles in my yard waiting to be picked up. I'm hearing that I'll have to get "compost bags" from Home Depot to finish the rest.

Why is owning a home so much work?! I mean.. I get it. But what the heck! I should've rented LOL

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