Photo Oct 23, 11 28 15 AM

The pictures look like a scene from one of those old  WW2 movie's where buildings are mangled from airplane bombings and snipers are hiding in the wreckage in wait. But amazingly, this is no war-torn city in East Berlin, this is the old Cobby's building off of Broadway, across from Albertsons Stadium.

Photo Oct 23, 11 30 19 AM
Demolition crews are removing both the Cobby’s building and the adjoining LA Nails salon this week. Permits with the City of Boise says the buildings will be pulled down and gravel placed over the top with the existing parking lot to remain.
I already wrote about the iconic sandwich shop closing down, but to see it actually being ripped apart made it so real.
Photo Oct 23, 11 29 17 AM
 This his home for me, Cobby's was a favorite of mine for lunch or a quick bite to eat. It just felt like Boise, and the sandwiches were delicious. It's not like Cobby's doesn't exist anymore, they still have two locations in the Treasure Valley but seeing the story actually being demolished today did hurt my heart.

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