If there's one thing I hate, it's when people complain about things and do NOTHING about them. This is especially present in politics, both locally and nationally. If you have a stance-- vote. If you lost, well, at least you made your voice heard. Not good enough for you? Work to spread your stance. Don't just sit on your couch at home complaining.

A few weeks ago I had written about how the City of Nampa was looking for city resident feedback through a survey ahead of the state of the city address. Now, Boise's Mayor Dave Bieter and the Boise City Council are looking for your feedback, too!

While Boise won't be offering a survey, they will be offering ample chances for feedback in form of town hall meetings. Have an issue with bike lanes or parking prices downtown? Here's your chance to offer feedback and any suggested solutions!

The first town hall happens next Wednesday at Fire Station #4 (on Ustick) and there will be more locations announced soon. As long as time permits, attendees can address the mayor and the council for three minutes.

See more, HERE.

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