Grocery Shopping Tutorial

I think we’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been in this quarantine/stay at home order in this community and across our country. However, we still have to eat and make a trip here and there to the grocery store for groceries and other necessities. With any public outing right now, comes the chance that we may pick up COVID-19.

It's obvious after watching this video that I have no idea how to protect myself or the family. Do you soak your oranges in soap before unloading them? Did you know that your freezer isn't a miracle cure to the COVID-19 and that microwaves can erase all this stuff?

I'm no professional but after my wife showed this video it's 100% that I have a ton of work to do and I'm sure It's not just me.

Sr Dr. Jeff VanWingen is a Family Physician and made this really useful and informative video about how we can all do our part to stay safe and to keep others safe when we head out to the store, and bring those items back into our home.

In the video he goes through different kinds of goods, from plastic and cardboard to fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, and how to best sanitize each so that we can be sure we’re putting CLEAN and germ-free items into our refrigerator and pantry!

As he says, some of these steps may seem time-consuming and meticulous, but come on, we ALL have more time on our hands right now! The extra steps and precautions seem well worth it if it’s going to keep loved ones safe and healthy! Let’s not take any chances! Stay home, stay socially distant, WASH YOUR HANDS and WASH YOUR....GROCERIES?!

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