It was a typical Saturday night. My wife and I wanted to escape the rigors of unpacking boxes (yes we are still unpacking three weeks after our move back to Idaho) and take a small break from "parenting." One of the benefits of coming back home is that Nanny (Grandma) is right down the road. With new found freedom we decided to indulge in some activities we have rarely had time for since becoming parents: a romantic dinner and movie! Dinner was to be had at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Casa Mexico off of Fairview Ave. And the movie! Naturally since it was the opening weekend for the movie I have highly anticipated all year "Thor Ragnarock," we decided to see what she wanted: a thriller with Jackie Chan called The Foreigner.

The evening was going splendid. We found ourselves once again connecting in ways its often difficult to do with the stresses of moving to another state. With our bellies full and excitement at its peak we proceeded to the movie theater.

Now this is where we divert. We had to make a pit-stop at a location I won't disclose in this blog post. Apparently one of us had indulged in too many Shirley Temples and there was a "situation" that needed to be "relieved" if you catch my "drip". We walked to the lavatory and that is where I saw it. Humming outside the mens bathroom door.


Photo Nov 04, 7 58 13 PM

Now I'm not picky. I could even argue that I don't have enough time in my day to pay credence for such things. But the pure disgust. The utter foulness. As I started to feel the Tortilla Soup I just consumed come up I decided to back off. This water fountain was way too powerful of a force for me to do battle with. Thank God I wasn't thirsty.

So would you drink out of this fountain?

Photo Nov 04, 7 59 17 PM
Photo Nov 04, 7 59 54 PM

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