Boise has a lot going for it at the moment. A growing population, a healthy economy, and access to more than a few outdoor activities. Over the past decade, as the city has prospered, it has developed a culture unique to the people that live here. It's not surprising. The two other major Pacific North West cities Seattle and Portland have done the same. As open and welcoming as Bayesians can be, there are certain things that you may want to avoid doing or saying. The following are the five don'ts of Boise

Don't call it Boizee: It's pronounced Boi-cee. We can be very particular about the pronunciation of our city.

It's ok if you come from California, just don't brag about it all the time: We are proud of our home state, tread lightly bragging about yours.

Don't leave your trash around the river or greenbelt: Boiseians take great pride in our natural resources. Everyone is welcome to enjoy, just clean up after yourself.

Don't ask us about potatoes: Look, Boise is home to some pretty big companies including Micron, Muscle Farm, Scentsy, and numerous tech companies. We are way more than just potatoes.

Don't bleed any other color but blue: There one thing in this town that can get 30,000 people together. And that's Boise State Football

Those are just some lax suggestions. For the most part, the people of Boise are open, kind and understanding. So what would you add to your Don'ts Of Boise List.

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