Do you ever hear a song playing on 103.5 KISS-FM and think “Dang this is my jam. I gotta Shazam this!”?

Well here’s the top five songs you’re Shazaming in Boise right now.

#5 - Niall Horan "Slow Hands"

Since One Direction parted ways, all the boys have been trying their hand at solo efforts. For Niall, it's been a home run. "Slow Hands" is a massive hit with a great thumping beat, sultry delivery, and an old timey feel that just works.


#4 - Kesha "Praying"

After a long hiatus from releasing new music, the glitter queen is back going harder than ever. "Praying" is her comeback anthem, and she's never sounded more powerful, vulnerable, and driven. Make sure to also check out her new song "Learn To Let Go" which is a little more upbeat, and has a super catchy tropical feel.


#3 - Portugal. The Man "Feel It Still"

Is it rock? Is it funk? Alternative? Indie? Whatever PTM are, they can put out one hell of a memorable and fun track. "Feel It Still" is like Robin Thicke meets disco meets James Bond theme song. In the best way.


#2 - Calvin Harris "Feels"

Ahhh summer songs. Calvin Harris knows exactly how to do it. It's almost like he knows it's been 100° all summer in Boise and this is just what we needed to cool down. It doesn't hurt that Pharrell sounds as classic as always, Katy Perry's hook is super bubble gum pop, and Big Sean goes in per usual.


#1 - Louis Tomlinson "Back To You"

You didn't think only one of the guys from One Direction was going to make the list, right? Louis and Bebe Rexa have this adorable back and forth here which Boise can't get enough of right now. I've got a feeling as massive as this song is, it won't be Louis' biggest hit. He's going to get even bigger since going solo.


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