Things are a lot different for bands nowadays; gone are the days of taping up flyers and handing out your cassette demo. This especially rings true when putting a band together. Craigslist has always been around for musicians to link up but technology and social media have made it a little bit easier these days to find the “right fit.”  You can stalk their social media pages to determine if you’d get along, listen to their SoundCloud to hear if you share the same vision, and so on.

If you've ever been on a search for a band, you know it can be intimidating and even awkward.

So, we’re here to do our part in sharing some of the most recent postings of musicians looking for bands or fellow musicians. You can see all of the latest available band and musician listings here.

Ever Want to Join a Band? Musicians in Boise Are Looking For You

Musicians in Boise are looking to jam and/or find a band! Do you play an instrument? Would you fit into any of these bands?

Boise Music Festival Through The Years

Boise Music Festival has been enjoyed by the Treasure Valley for 10 years.

Boise Music Festival Headliners

Join us June 25th at Expo Idaho on the Boise Music Festival Mainstage!

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