If you're looking for "peace in a bowl," you'll unfortunately be looking elsewhere very soon.

Zen Bento on State Street will be closing for good on January 26th. Why? To provide space for the planned intersection expansion which is happening soon.

While Zen Bento has been operating in Boise since 1996, the State Street has been open just over two years. The good news is, Zen Bento's two other Treasure Valley locations will stay open and continue to operate as normal:

  • 1000 West Main Street (Boise)
  • 342 East State Street (Eagle)

While Zen Bento is normally regarded as a must-have in Boise, it isn't one of the three restaurants that Man vs. Food's Casey Webb will be visiting when the Boise episode airs Monday, January 22nd. You can get the scoop on that here.


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