So I'm an iPhone owner and I absolutely love my device. I have the 7 Plus and have never even felt the need to upgrade into one of the new fancy models (though, I do wish I had the talking emoji's).  If there's one thing that is always on me, it's my phone. For the most part, I feel like we've all kind of developed an attachment of sorts to these devices we call our "phones" but that do so much more. This said, if there is one type of "click bait article" I always read on Facebook, it's one of those "15 Things Your Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do" ... plot twist, I always know all of them.

Maybe you already know about this iOS 11 feature but I had no clue it existed--so check this out. It can totally keep you safe.

If you press your "lock button" on your iPhone 5 times in a row it will instantly bring up an SOS screen--one that lets you immediately dial authorities if you're in a dangerous situation. If you think about it--being able to call 911 without going through all the steps of your phone or in nearly no motion, could be a live saver.

There's also an option to alert emergency contacts of your location via text, as well.

For more on this feature--instructions and all, click HERE.

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