It's still pretty crazy to think about the Knitting Factory Concert House on fire as it was just a week ago now. The fire, being reported as having been due to construction work going on inside, damaged nearly 60% of the venue Floorboards and even the insides of the walls were all a part of what went up in flames.

Thus far, the Knitting Factory has done a good job of getting shows relocated across town and honoring ticket sales. Of course, they're hoping to continue to do so. Today, on their Facebook page, the venue announced that the following shows will be moved to the Revolution Concert House & Event Center:

  • 10/4 Clutch (Date & Venue Change)
  • 10/6 Black Tiger Sex Machine (Just a venue change)
  • 10/12 GWAR (Just a venue change)
  • 10/15 Jonathan Davis (Just a venue change)

As more upcoming shows have details ironed out, The Knitting Factory will continue to keep you posted. So, just make sure you're watching their social media.

The repairs at the venue will go far beyond just "fixing" what was burnt--the venue hopes make a lot of updates while they're in there fixing, as well.

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