What in the Caldwell, Idaho is happening!? According to local news outlets, a woman by the name of Jennifer Mae Johnson is sitting in a jail cell after reportedly "biting off" a piece of her boyfriend's ear during an argument.

A Caldwell woman is behind bars after police say she bit off a chunk of her boyfriend's ear during a disagreement Tuesday morning.
Jennifer Mae Johnson, 39, is facing a felony charge of mayhem in connection to the incident.
Officers responded to a home in Caldwell shortly after midnight to find the victim "openly bleeding" from a wound on his left ear.

Drinking was involved... but I can only imagine how intoxicated one would have to be in order to think biting off someone's ear is the best course of action. When officers arrived on the scene, Jennifer had retreated to her RV, leaving her boyfriend to fend for himself. She denied having ever touched her boyfriend or any involvement in biting off a piece of his ear. She said instead she had been "sleeping" all night. Soon however, officers located fresh blood droplets inside the RV and Jennifer was arrested immediately. She is now in jail and could face up to 14 years in prison. I never in my life could imagine physically harming someone in this way. Not only is it wildly inhumane, it's DISGUSTING. I hope justice is served.


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