I know I’ve said and written this countless times, but nothing gets me more wound up than a good conspiracy theory. I know that some of them are absolutely and utterly ridiculous but that’s what makes them that much more fun. There are a few conspiracy theories that even I find ridiculous (more on that later) and thanks to USDirect.com, we can see exactly which states are looking up those ridiculous theories.

For what seems like no particular reason at all, the folks over at USDirect.com compiled a map to show the “most-searched conspiracy theories by state." I would've never thought that the people of Washington and Montana would buy into a ridiculous theory such as lizard people, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they are simply curious about them.

Before we get to the most-searched conspiracy for Idaho, let’s take a look at our neighboring states and what rabbit holes they’re diving into.

The Most Popular Conspiracies in Idaho & Surrounding States

Here are the most popular conspiracy theories based on searches in Idaho and surrounding states.

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