From the moment last year's football season ended, Boise State Athletics went to work on some major improvements of Bronco Football fan experience. The energy is going to be insane!


The public is invited cheer on the team during the Bronco Walk at the season opener vs. Troy on Saturday, September 2nd. It starts at Bronco Circle and goes to the Allen Noble Hall of Fame where 101 blue an orange flowers will be laid in front of the Lyle Smith statue in memory of the former Boise State football coach who passed last month at the age of 101. Fans are invited to the celebration at 11:15 a.m.


The parking lot at Albertsons Stadium will still be full of tents and grills and tables and everything blue and orange but that was the "problem" - it's full. More space has been opened up on the Bronco Football practice field to allow for more tailgating. The details on how you can get your own space can be found HERE.


This is probably one of the most exciting parts of this year's football season. We have not one, not two, but three consecutive games with a kickoff time prior to 6 p.m. This hasn't happened since 2011. Not to be dramatic but we're making history again. Too dramatic? Okay, I'll back off.


There's the option of walking through different tailgate spots with an empty paper plate, introducing yourself then leaving with a heaping mound of pulled pork, chili, chips and dip and all the other amazing food everyone brings OR you can grab some food from the food trucks (some new and some return favorites) like: Mad Mac, Mai Thai hand-rolled sushi, Kono Pizza, Famous Dave's BBQ and Soda Stop, Ben & Jerry's, Sweet Valley Cookies, Mai Thai rice bowls, La Tapatia Street Tacos, Walking Taco Loaded Nachos, finger steaks and a new signature dish: Frank's Hot Sauce wings and Hammer Fries.

OMG I'm starving right now.


The sound of the fireworks exploding at the beginning of the game while you're looking at the blue gives me chills. It's such a cool feeling. As the game would go on, the energy would dwindle unless the game was going really well. It was up to us to keep that hype going. It's all about team, right? Pyrotechnics aren't saved for just the start of each game, we'll be lighting up the sky after every Bronco touchdown!


We have a new Bronco Girl, Brianna Flansburg, and her horse, Cassie. She'll lead a new student athlete (each week) who will carry The Hammer onto the field just before the team who will introduce the Bleed Blue flag. The flag will be carried by the individual that best represents the ideals of the program on a weekly basis.


The camera crew and digital team are going to be working furiously during the game to give us everything we've wanted and more. The video board will feature more replays from more angles rather than just one shot. That way, our armchair quarterback in us can be supported. We'll be "fed" with more stats and real-time highlight packages. I'm telling you, when I said this year was going to be legit, I was not kidding!


Whose voice is filling the stadium with those sweet sweet sounds? It's KTVB's Maggie O'Mara! Girl hooked it up! In true girl power form, Maggie does it again. Maggie O'Mara is the on-field voice of the Broncos. I swear, I'm going to run up to her like it's a scene in the Notebook and squeeze her like crazy. I'm so freaking happy and proud of her. This is so cool!


It doesn't matter where the party is, who is hosting the party or what time of day the party is, there's music. a Bronco Football party is no different. Former Bronco Rexx Life Raj is the in-stadium DJ who will host the pregame party and also take over during key moments of the game.

Bottom line: If you miss a Boise State football game this year, you'll suffer from massive FOMO. I may be projecting my own feelings.

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