It's called the 'Tailgating Zone on Bronco Circle' and has been opened up as the new place to tailgate for this year's Boise State football games. Are those brats I smell? 

In less than a week, we'll be on the blue for the early college football Saturday game. Did you read that? E-A-R-L-Y! The game (vs. Troy) starts at 1:45 p.m. but we all show up hours before to tailgate. It's never too early for brats and burgers and red solo cups. What?

A new tailgate area has been opened and is available for parties and large groups.

credit: Google
credit: Google


The new tailgate location is in the DeChevrieux Field (the football practice field that looks like dirt in the photo above). The grassy tailgate area is less than 100 yards from the athletic ticket office and entrances on the west side of Albertsons Stadium.

Spots are open and available on a first-come, first-serve basis for individual games. Maybe you want to get the office together or a group of alumni or just a group of football fans. You can buy for all season, too. Get ready, friends. The first game is on September 2nd.

Are you ready for the pricing? It includes a tent, table and chairs (that isn't included in the parking lot tailgate area) as well as parking passes for the game in the Lincoln Parking Garage near DeChevrieux Field.

  • $850 per game for a 10' x 20' space
  • $1,250 per game for a 10' x 40' space
  • $2,200 per game for a 10 x 80' space

Bring your own food and drink if you'd like but please don't bring any live-flame grills (for obvious reasons). If you don't want to worry about food, there's catering available.

Who is ready for some football?!

Want a space? Email the Athletic Ticket Office at or call 208-426-4737 and please invite us. kthanks.

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