Ok, so maybe it isn't a personal text from Donald Trump himself, but you'll definitely be getting an alert on your phone from his office this afternoon and no, it isn't optional.

In a time where many people believe this guy should stop tweeting, it's ironic that everyone is going to get his alert and no--it's not a bad thing. The message that will appear on your phone is actually coming from FEMA but is called a "Presidential Alert". It's meant to notify all of us at a moments notice of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or any threat to our nation, really.

You're inevitably going to hear this alert EVERYWHERE. On Tv, on our phones, and even on 103.5 KISS FM. It's a Federal push-down (for our safety) that isn't optional. In your phone settings you can turn off local alerts or amber alerts--not this one.

The whole purpose of this is to make sure it's working, so... mic check, mic check, is this thing on?

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