Like so many people across the world, I've been overwhelmed by this feeling of sadness after Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the remaining passengers on that helicopter were killed.

So many lives lost. So many families impacted and so many more obstacles to follow. But, honestly, why am I so sad? I have no connection to the Los Angeles Lakers or Kobe. Why? Why is the country captivated and moved?

I started writing this in the notes on my phone last night after watching a clip from Sportscenter, and it finally hit me. It's crazy how things work like that because today a new hashtag started trending, #girldad. This loss and connection we're feeling right now isn't all about Kobe. The #girldad flipped a switch.

Hanging with my little angel
Hanging with my little angel

If Kobe was just a Hall of Famer that suddenly died, the world would still be crushed. If he was a good dad and husband, great. In this situation, Kobe was a beloved #girldad and the attention he gives his girls was apparent. The love that he showed towards women's basketball and events was unparalleled. I believe that when boys lose a father figure we're supposed to be tough. If you're a girl losing your father it takes on a different meaning. That doesn't mean it's right or wrong. That's just the way it is.

I think basketball fans would have been sad losing Kobe, but non-basketball fans were struck by his love for his girls. You saw it in videos, photos, and interviews from other women in sports. They fell in love with his love. That's a bond.

I'm not the typical #girldad because my first was a boy. I don't know what the rules are or if they even apply to show love for your daughter. I know that having a boy changed my life and having a girl changed it again. I noticed it from the first time I held her and how delicate she felt. It's the way she tries to speak to me, hugs me and looks at me. I consider my self a #girldad too even though I'm just a dad. I'm very proud of having both and totally in love. My wife's dad is a real #girldad with six girls and no boys.

Regardless, it's important for men to show up for women especially in the climate we live in today. Kobe was doing it like so many other fathers across the country and people resonate with that. It was touching.

I hope that makes sense. My favorite videos are dads with their girls being silly. That's true gold.

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