Today is officially the day that football fanatics all across the country have been waiting for: Super Bowl Sunday. How does this impact us here in Idaho? Well, it doesn't really-- but we do have some ties AND some opinions.

Growing up here in the Treasure Valley, rooting for Boise State football was the norm. Especially in the last decade or so as the program has risen to be what it is, the energy around Boise State football has been HUGE. I was in middle school during the legendary Fiesta Bowl so despite having absolutely no ties to Boise State University, growing up to watch that made me a fan. With such exciting college football here in town, I never felt a need to root for or watch the NFL.  While that is still true for me, I have learned that a lot of locals like myself feel the same way-- typically, it's a regional thing and you see fans of Denver or Seattle. This year, neither of those teams are in the Super Bowl. So, who is Idaho rooting for?

According to Twitter data compiled, Idaho and the surrounding Western states are rooting for San Francisco's 49's today. With no allegiance to either team myself (and maybe you're like me), the snacks--which are far more interesting to me--have also been broken up by state and Idaho's most popular is 'Seven Layer Dip'.  I can get down with that.

As these two teams storm the field today and keep a football fans glued to their screens, there's ONE local tie to one of these teams and maybe this will be enough to sway you to root for Kansas City. Son of former Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier and Bishop Kelly grad Joe Bleymaier will be on the sidelines coaching Patrick Mahomes--the Chiefs' starting quarterback!

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