Most people want to get engaged once and that's supposed to be the end right? Wait! Not the end like...lemme start over. You only get married once or at least that's...I'm obviously not good at painting this picture for you. I'll try this.

We partnered up with Simmon's Fine Jewelry last month and ran this covert engagement opportunity. Simmon's is the place we had our engagement and Jay Simmons is the wedding ring prince of the Treasure Valley. It just so happened that his store had a balloon ride that couldn't be fulfilled and gave it to us. That somehow turned into one of those, "wouldn't it be funny if..." That's what happened and that's is exactly what we did.

This is where we met Glen from Boise who is deeply in love and ready to make it official. Let's insert a few actors in the balloon like Larry Gebert from KTVB News Channel 7, one of our listeners Maddie & mom, Theresa from KTVB to shoot video, and myself. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and oh the guy flying the balloon.

Let me shout out to Larry because that man is the best! I truly admire how professional and on point he is. I've never seen someone like that direct a moment that changes depending on the wind, environment, remotely broadcasting, and keeping everyone calm enjoying themselves. Pay attention how he segues over to Glen to pop the question. This was a lot of fun and great meeting everyone there!


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