Goody's Candy Store in Hyde Park is honoring their 14-year old loyal customer who died along with his father and two family friends after a cabin caught fire near Tamarack

Goody’s Candy Store in Hyde Park is honoring one of their loyal customers. A little boy, at the age of 8 came in to buy his favorite sour gummies. This little boy's name was JJ. As the story goes, when JJ was inside Goody's, he was after sour gummies but his mom said he didn't have enough money to buy them. Bryce, who was working behind the counter said, "How much you got? 23 cents?" The little boy dug into his pocket and pulled out $0.23. Bryce weighed out 23 cents worth of candy and put it in a bag.

On June 30th, JJ and his parents, along with family friends were staying in a cabin in Donnelly near Tamarack Resort. A call came in to the fire department late that night after someone reported seeing flames at the cabin. JJ and his father along with two of their family friends did not survive.

This weekend, you can go to Goody’s Candy store and grab a 23 cent bag of candy – or more than a bag. Proceeds will go to the West Junior High athletic program where JJ went to school and played baseball, basketball, soccer and football. Donations will also be accepted at the candy store outside of candy purchases.

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