So The Grammy's went down on Sunday night and as always--everyone has something to say about them. From the outfits on the red carpet to awkward moments on stage--oh, and the typical arguments of who did and DID NOT deserve to win. It's a lot of talk and hype over...well, something that isn't very important.  Imagine is most were this engaged in say, a political debate or something that changes society...anyway, I digress.

Most people might say "well Mateo, it's your JOB to care about these things! You're on the radio!"   To them I would say radio is what I do...not who I am. And no, I don't stay up at night stressing about Cardi B. Sorry about it.

I AM a huge lover of music, however--so if any award show garners my attention it's The Grammy's and with massive wins from Cardi B, Drake, and Childish Gambino, it was tough for me to be mad at any of the results. By the way, The Record Exchange is offering sale prices of nominees and winners! Can't beat that!

According to Twitter, the Treasure Valley had a lot to say about The Grammy's. Our own Kat from Keke + Kat wrote up her favorite moments that you can catch, HERE.


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