Ever wondered what the unhealthiest thing to order at a restaurant in Boise is? We've apparently figured it out!

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Well, the fine folks over at Eat This, Not That certainly have anyway... Everyone always talks about eating healthy and finding healthy restaurants and meals to enjoy. People even go as far as figuring out what the tastiest orders from restaurants are, but have you ever wondered what the unhealthiest thing to order in our state is? Well, they've figured it out! And quite honestly; it doesn't seem that bad! The title goes to the Bacon Sampler at 'Bacon' in Boise. Here's what Eat This, Not That had to say about it: "If you find yourself in Boise and really want to wreck your nutrition for the day, take a trip to Bacon, a restaurant that specializes in its namesake ingredient. Most of their food comes loaded with strips of bacon and you can even trays of the premium product to munch on by itself."

Okay, so it's not kale or avocado, but I refuse to believe bacon is ALL bad. Though, the bacon sampler seems to be pretty straight forward... You sample, bacon. It's also called "bacon shots" and they bring out bacon, I'm assuming prepared in different ways like you would a flight of mimosas, they toss them in shot glasses and you eat it and enjoy! Honestly, what's more American than taking literal shots of BACON? Maybe it's not going to be named the heart healthy food of the year, but it does sound like a treat!

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