The Village at Meridian is one of the most popular spots in the Treasure Valley. You can go shopping, dine with your girls, take in a movie with drinks, or just a stroll watching the unbelievable shows at Fountain Square.

We've been fortunate enough to work with the Village since the first brick was built. They hosted our very first Cycle to Break the Cycle and we couldn't be more pleased with our friendship as this event continues to grow. I wanted to showcase what you might have missed over the years as they continue to evolve.

Instead of giving you an in-depth description of each business I wanted to run around during our event and take quick snaps. Here's a look in this first gallery of new spots which include a new tasty Texas Steakhouse opening from H&M to Plush. The Village at Meridian is a great spot for any budget.

I've witnessed a few proposals, prom ceremonies, and lives changed during our Cycle to Break the Cycle. You can come to the Village on any budget and enjoy. Just a side note: the Caesar salad at Bodavino might just be the best I've ever tasted and the Bloody Massacre looks to be the tastiest Bloody Mary I've ever seen (just sayin')

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Village Gallery

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