I'm thinking ahead to those fall days where you want to put soup in a giant mug and wrap your cold hands around the cozy goodness. Creating that perfect moment just got a whole lot easier (and cooler - let's be real). 

After two years of "making it right", Keurig and Campbells have finally unveiled a soup K-cup. Talk about amazing! Depending on the type of soup you'd like, an additional packet will come with your cup.

What does that mean?

Thanks for asking. I'll explain.

Say you want chicken noodle soup. You aren't going to find any success trying to get those noodles through the tiny little hole a Keurig makes in your traditional coffee K-cups. What you'll do is empty the noodle packet into your favorite mug and then put the soup K-cup in your Keurig. That warm broth will surround your noodles and make you some cozy goodness in an instant.

Sure, it's not rocket science but it makes life more fun and fall a whole lot more incredible!

Side note: It's suggested that you run a brew cycle before and/or after the soup thing happens. You don't want renegade coffee grounds in your tomato soup.

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