There has been a lot of talk about some of the recent changes we have seen take place in Boise over the past few years. Sometimes with growth comes new problems. Traffic, for example, has definitely picked up in Boise. Remember those days of making it from Boise to Nampa in about 30 min? Another metric seeming on the increase is the crime rate. Statically, we are safer today then we were at the turn of the century. Although, the 24-hour news cycle and social media might make you feel otherwise.

Boise is a safe place to be. Odd's of being caught up in a violent crime is only 1 in 340. Crime is below in national average and not much higher than other cities in Idaho. The neighborhoods listed below are considered the "safest" in Boise.

Information is taken from Neighborhoods Scout

2.Orchard / Blacks Creek
3.S Five Mile Rd / Highlander Rd
4.W Lake Hazel Rd / S Maple Grove Rd
7.W Victory Rd / S Maple Grove Rd
8.Horseshoe Bend / Idaho City
9.W Overland Rd / S Cloverdale Rd
10.Boise Hills Village

One area of concern is that Boise is way above the national average with it comes to crime is Crimes per Square Mile. Boise averages 72 which is way above the Idaho average of 26 and the national average of 31.9

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