I went out for a run after the family finally went down for the evening. I've been struggling to get back out on the streets after my head injury and blood clot. It's kind of scary to make sure I'm not doing something to myself I guess.

So far, so good. I've been feeling much better 😃All that said it's time to goto work and help figure things out because we reach so many people. It's our responsibility in times like this.

I don't have the answers yet but I'm looking and constantly challenging myself to find a way to help people. I won't let you down, promise. I'm writing this because you have been moving me in all the things you have been doing. I love all the videos I've been watching online and a lot of these commercials for businesses have been pretty emotional. I love that people have been able to speak to people in what they might be going through versus advertising. The McDonald and Burger King commercials I saw tonight were great. AT&T nailed it. Bravo.


I'm really writing to say thanks to people somewhere off Lake Hazel and the Five Mile area. Going out for a run is a place I let my thoughts go and time for me to recharge. I think the best when I'm out by myself just being thankful for what I have and who is in my life. I did that tonight and that's when I came across these blessings.

I'm so proud of you because I needed to see that and I'm sure so many other people did too. Even if one person smiled it was worth it.

I witnessed parents playing games in their yards with kids and I was just proud. I was so impressed by the dad playing soccer and basketball with his kids in the driveway. It made me proud of the daddy. This all made me want to take my son out and play for at least one hour each day where he isn't stuck in the house. I believe we have learned how strong we are during this tragedy and that's what makes us stronger.

Grab your kids, some rocks, and some markers. Have fun with special messages and leave them around your neighborhood. We are the strength. Let's fix this mess for our kids and teach them how to help others for the future.

Just proud of you all. Very thankful.



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