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We drop potatoes, people! I remember six years ago when the Idaho Potato Drop was announced I had the same reaction, really? Are we mocking ourselves?

No. People love to drop things and even more on New Year's Eve. Potatoes aren't the only thing being dropped on December 31 around the country and I've compiled my part two of this mind-boggling list.

Happy New Year Why sit at home or gazing at a bar television to watch a ball drop in New York City when you can have your own? We do! We're not the only ones though. Let's check the flying Peach, Possum and Duck Decoy drop from Arizona as we count down part one of what gets dropped on New Year's Eve.

A Duck Decoy in Havre De Grace, Maryland

A Peach in Atlanta, Georgia

A Pinecone in Flagstaff, Arizona

Apple drops in Manhattan, Kansas (I love these small town drops because...well, you'll see)

Cheese Drop in Plymouth, Wisconsin

Drag Queen in a Red High Heel from Key West, Florida

How about 200 pounds of Bologna in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

A Pickle in Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Giant Watermelon in Vincennes, Indiana

Possum Drop in Brasstown, NC

The Idaho Potato Drop - Link to everything surrounding New Year's Eve in Idaho HERE.


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