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It's New Year's Eve and we remix 2018 beginning at 7 p.m. through 2019! There is a Polar Bear Challenge New Year's Day and we count the 103 songs of 2018 beginning at noon, January 1. I also wanted to update you on the things people drop each year like potatoes!

People love to drop things and even more on New Year's Eve. You ever wondered what a watermelon looks like being dropped from a building. SPLAT! People love to drop stuff and why not drop your state signature to bring in the new year? Potatoes aren't the only thing being dropped on December 31 around the country.

Happy New Year Why sit at home or gazing at a bar television to watch a ball drop in New York City when you can have your own? We do! We're not the only ones though. Let's check the flying MoonPie, Possum and Pine Cone drop from Arizona as we count down part one of what gets dropped on New Year's Eve.

New York City - The Giant Ball 

A Giant Peep in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Oversized Flea in Eastover, North Carolina (the town was called Flea Hill at one time)

A Moonpie in Mobile, Alabama

A Real (Dead) Carp in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin (Nope, no cheese!)

An Olive in Bartlesville, Oklahoma (This one is a tasty view as it falls into an oversized martini glass)

A Beach Ball in Panama City Beach, Florida

A Sardine in Eastport, Maine

A Wrench in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

The Idaho Potato Drop - Link to everything surrounding New Year's Eve in Idaho HERE.


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