Being a single cat-dad myself, taking kids along with me in a ride-share such as Uber or Lyft has never crossed my mind. As much as I would love to take my cat downtown with me on the weekends--I've yet to find a bar that will allow me to bring her along.

That said, many people and families rely on ride-sharing services to get from point a to point b each day.

So what happens if you or someone you know needs to get an Uber or Lyft and they have a child 6-years-old or younger need to be strapped in just as if the car was your own.  Yes, that includes car seats as well.

Some larger markets have an open for those requesting rides, to request a car seat for an additional cost. That isn't an option for Boise, just yet.

Fines-- or worse, fatalities, could be on the line if you choose to drive, ride, or transport a child without a car seat.

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