After snowfall and subzero temperatures came close to setting records in December and we had well over seven inches of snow dumped us on in 24 may be sick of the weather.  This app understands you! 

My friend Kimberly posted a screenshot of one her favorite weather apps as she was getting ready to leave Boise for a trip home to Texas. I just about died when I saw what it said!

Image via What The Forecast

The app is called "What The Forecast?!" It gives you the forecast in the most accurate, terms how nasty the weather is outside your nice warm bed! In fact there's 5857 completely obnoxious phrases to describe the things that plague the Treasure Valley the most: freezing fog, the inversion, black ice, 7+ inches of get the idea.

And if you're someone who appreciates crude humor, there's an option to turn up the sarcasm with profanity.  The app's forecast from New Year's Eve before we headed over to the Idaho Potato Drop had everyone had in our group and some of our favorite servers at Old Chicago almost rolling on the floor laughing!  Don't believe me? Download it and ride out rest of this winter storm with some hilarity! (Unfortunately it's only available for iPhones.)


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