Just last week, I needed to get to Nampa in a hurry.  I am always on the air during heavy drive time but some personal meetings meant that I took half of my workday off and I had no idea what to expect from the traffic.  Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I know that the Boise to Nampa route on I-84 can be a lot--when I was in high school, I made the drive daily when I attended Bishop Kelly and lived in Nampa. That was just shy of 10 years ago now--things have definitely grown and gotten worse.

Before I hit the road I was going to check in with our traffic department that gives the reports you hear on the radio. According to them, it was all clear. According to this Facebook group I'm a part of-- a 2-minute fresh post informed me that no, it wasn't so great.  A jack-knifed semi-truck was on the freeway blocking it all and a member of this group witnessed the whole thing, posting a photo feet away from the accident and advising everyone to AVOID I-84.  That is what saved me-- I made it on time to my appointment.

If you aren't a member of "Treasure Valley Crime & Community" you're missing out on the tea!  Now, I joke about "the tea" but nothing about the group is gossip. Consistently, this group which has over 19,000 members is in the know on what is going on in town. From Boise to Caldwell. The best term that I can think of to describe this group is "collaborative".

When someone in a neighborhood hears a loud noise, witnesses a hit-and-run, or notices something is off, posting into this group as I have observed, is extremely effective. It is a great way to know what is going on around town. I've seen criminals from people's personal Ring doorbell cameras be identified and more.

Everything from wrecks to friendly warnings goes up in here and if you're a resident in the Treasure Valley, I can't suggest joining the group enough.  It just seems to be one of those "only in Boise" things.

See the Treasure Valley Crime & Community group, HERE.

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