Summer is here and those shaved ice shacks are back in business across the Treasure Valley. You better catch it at the right time or you're waiting in line forever.

This is the business I would go into because it's ice and sweet flavors, "That will be $25 dollars please!" I might have made that sound easier than it really is, but there is one family that plans to Slay the ice their own way.

Boise Welcomes Slay the Snow - All Natural Shaved Ice

I feel like these concepts come from life experience based on your own family. When your children are allergic to milk, nuts, or things like popcorn, you find out the hard way. That's when panic sets in because everything changes. This snow cone truck is different because it's all-natural.

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial dyes
  • Free of all major allergens, dairy, and gluten
  • All served with ECO-friendly cups and spoons for the environment.

You might not think these are that important until your kids can't go to a shaved ice place. It's hard to find places that fit into the health needs your family has. A dairy allergy means you won't be stopping at the ice cream shop, ice cream truck, or dipping dots. You really have to work to find those places that serve specific allergen-free items. I will say it's gotten better in the last 3 years for sure. However, I haven't seen a shaved ice place like this yet.

If you're looking for a family just trying to serve Idahoans with all the fun treats other kids get - Slay the Snow might be your Summer stop. It's at least good to know this exists for families looking to enjoy a hot day with treats like every other kid!

I'll post up the links for Instagram and Facebook so you can find out where they will be next.


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