It's pretty well known that Idahoans love Idaho.

Does that make it the literal center of the universe though?

In some ways, this is official. The mayor of Wallace, Idaho declared Wallace as the center of the universe back in 2004. There's even a plaque embedded in the ground to prove it.

While Wallace is home to less than 1000 people, thousands of tourists come through every year to see the self-proclaimed center of the universe. Sounds cool, but why did the mayor call it as such?

Wallace is a big silver mining town, and in 2002 it came into question whether their soil was safe due to all the silver mining. The mayor responded by naming Wallace the center of the universe.

No, it doesn't make sense to me, and no, I don't care. The trip totally sounds worth it just to say you were in the middle of all existence, if just for a moment!


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