See that lady in the photo above? She isn't smiling. Oh, and if it were the 1940's and she were in Pocatello, Idaho-- she could be facing jail time!

I have to give some huge props to Idaho's News Channel 7 for digging up THIS historical Idaho gem. Weird laws and strange things from our past always make for a great story and this time around, they found a great one. If you'e a grump like me--you will REALLY appreciate this. Or, again--you'll appreciate not having lived in Pocatello, Idaho during the 40's.

Apparently, a city ordinance passed in Pocatello, Idaho, made it illegal to frown, grimace, scowl,  or have any sort of facial expression that would reflect favorably upon residents of the city.  Were people just grumpy? Well, apparently the winter of 1948 was intense and the mayor thought this would be a way to make people smile. I appreciate this guys humor, as the penalty was to show up to the nearest "Smileage Station" and give up a sufficient amount of smiles.

Rightly so, the American Bankers Association declared Pocatello the U.S. Smile Capital.

I've been to the beloved "Poky" before...I feel like people in Boise smile a lot more...but I digress.

I for one am very thankful that this isn't a law now because it seems around the radio station, I've been labeled as a resident grump. I swear, there are co-workers that are terrified of me in the hallways! Why!? Well--your guess is as good as mine...thanks, MOM, for the RBF!

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