Cycling to  break the cycle requires a lot of energy, so caffeine is a must during Live For 175.

Not sure what to order? We've got your new go-to drink.

During Live For 175, Village Coffee inside the Village At Meridian is always popping off, and they're whipping up some of the best coffee you can get your hands on. I got to talk with Barista/Manager Sydney, and she filled me in on Village Coffee's most popular drink by far. I figured it was a frappuccino or some crazy extra skinny soy something or other. I was wrong. Their new drink is something I've never even heard of:

The Honey Hazelnut Latte.

Luckily, it's exactly what it sounds like. A hazelnut latte with some honey mixed in, and it's perfect. It's not too sweet or too plain, it's right in that sweet spot in the middle. I'd never think to mix honey with coffee, but it's awesome. You gotta try it!

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