As Boise continues to grow, there is no shortage of new, fun, and adventurous restaurants and bars in the area. Plenty of new places have popped up and brought fun new ideas and vibes to the Treasure Valley--one local place, however, may still hold the entire State of Idaho's most notorious food challenge!

What makes this food challenge so special? To start--it's only available for a limited time each year and we should also note that it has nothing to do with shoving your face--in fact, it's all about grit! This challenge is so great, even Adam Richman of 'Man vs Food' paid a visit to Flying Pie in Boise! Now, you can partake too!

Have you ever tried this "Boise-Only" treat?

A Look at Boise' Spiciest Food Challenge

When it comes to food challenges in Boise, there is no shortage. One of them is arguably spicier than the rest--take a look!

We're sweating just thinking about this pizza! 

If you're feeling brave, now is the time to try this spicy hot habanero pizza! We spoke with Flying Pie just this afternoon and they were willing to share with us that the pizzas will be available through the end of August, at least.

When you order your pizza--you're going to have some options: a single, a double, or a triple on the heat scale. Feeling brave? There's a 'Quad' option that has a drizzle of ghost pepper sauce across the top.

Also included on the pizzas are chicken, black olives, and garlic. Our mouths are watering and our ears are tickling, just thinking about this thing!

Flying Pie's pizza isn't the only food challenge in the Treasure Valley and if spicy isn't your thing, perhaps one of the others will suit your fancy!

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Boise Food Challenge Highlighted Nationally

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