What a great way to end the week!

I'm not saying Idaho drivers are bad. Not any worse than drivers in any other state but this news really excites me, and it probably excites you as well. And, if you're not jumping in joy at the news of this new law well, then it was probably designed for people like you.

Starting on July 1, more than 300 new laws go into effect in Idaho, and one of them is the left lane driving law. That means officers will cite drivers who are going under the speed limit in the far left lane of the freeway or highway if they are disrupting the flow of traffic and preventing other drivers from traveling the speed limit

Y.E.S! Again, Idaho drivers aren't the worst but there have been many a time I've been driving through some smaller rural cities (I'm looking at you, Kuna) only to be stuck behind and delayed by a un-aware motorist in the left lane putting along. The new law will go into effect July 1st.

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