What if I told you that you could travel to Hawaii for $350 round trip? How about a trip to Dubai for $600 round trip of Spain for under $400 round trip? No, I'm not kidding. These are REAL deals.

Stop staring at million dollar homes or the house in the foothills that has the $100,000 water park in the back yard. That's cool and all and yes--it seems to be the rage on the internet right now. But how about you get out there and EXPERIENCE things, safely and on the CHEAP.

I've been using this website for a couple of years now and I meet more and more friends here in the Treasure Valley that do the same.  After a painful year of NO travel, NO fun, and a whole lot of isolation, we're gearing up to get back out there. Let's scoop some travel deals!

I'm no travel expert but I do LOVE to get out and see new things and experience new places.  Lately, I've just been watching flights out of Boise that go "anywhere" to see where I could go that I never would have thought of. It's fair to say I'm a little anxious after a year of "quarantine".

If you can relate, you've got to check out this daily e-newsletter called "Scott's Cheap Flights".

Spend any time flying out of Boise and unless you're going to Seattle or Spokane, you know that both direct flights and CHEAP flights can be impossible to find. Boise is growing--quickly, at that--but our airport just isn't big enough to be a convenient route for others. This often means higher fares.

Scott's Cheap Flights is simple and I love that it isn't annoying. You don't get ANY emails unless there's a steal of a deal when it comes to airfare. I hate deleting pointless emails, too. Not the case with this service at all!  You just select which departure airport(s) you would like to see flights out of and wait for those deal alerts. I set mine for Boise and Seattle since depending on the deal, going up to Seattle to fly out overseas can totally be worth it.

Those deals I mentioned earlier are no joke. In fact--I booked a round trip to Mexico just a couple of months ago based off of these deal alerts for less than $250!

We've all got an itch to travel and here in the Treasure Valley, we're all used to spending a little extra for those longer flights. Hopefully this random system helps you get out of town and onto a beach someplace like it does me, soon!


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