If you joined our NFL Pick 'Em League for the 21 Pilots Tickets, you can not check out your results within our group!  Though not everyone got all of the games right, it's important to note that you can still win, so make sure you keep on picking!

While Kekeluv and I remain in the leading group (cause we're sports experts....ok, not really) we can't win, obviously. That's your job!  It's important to keep your eyes on the message board within the group for any announcements and of course, make sure we know who is behind the usernames so that we can get you your tickets when you win!

Here's a list of the leaders going into this coming weekend:

Kmorgan208's picks
corbenowills's picks
mrtrouffles's picks
empozefit's picks
hurdlezer's picks
UltimateAvalon's picks
Mateo At Night
Show Me Some Kekeluv
Mamalove2017's picks
joyhawk's picks
fishblurry's picks
lcsduke's picks
KaliCrawford722's picks
sleslie913's picks
brettxpw's picks
timhldmn's picks
sallyshoe's picks
alexbrianne's picks
Dkilgore15's picks
Ntippets15's picks

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